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a family run business

Penny’s Cleaning has been operating since 2009. We took over from ‘Penny’ in 2014. In this time we have grown the business both commercially and domestically, whilst keeping the core values and the highest cleaning standards that our customers have come to expect. Many of our customers have been with us long term, and we continue to do our utmost to reward their loyalty.

never standing still

We have worked very hard over the years to develop our reputation as one of the leading cleaning service providers in Plymouth and the South West. Penny’s Cleaning has always been transparent with the pricing on our website, and we were one of the first to implement an online booking system that has helped to streamline the customer experience. We believe it is vitally important that we look forward as a company, and continuously look at ways to improve our service.

a cleaning service you can trust

We appreciate that it can be daunting to have someone new in your home, and that is why we are more than happy to talk about the service, and help you through the booking process. You can have the peace of mind that our employees are directly employed by us, and we would only employ someone that we would be happy to have in our own homes. Penny’s has built a strong reputation on trust over the years, offering a friendly and professional service along the way.

Experience and Expertise

Cleaning to a high standard consistently is extremely beneficial to remove dirt, bacteria, and mould. This reduces the risks that they pose in your home or workplace. The problem we have is time, whether it’s because of improvements in technology, or working from home, it is getting increasingly difficult to have a work/life balance.  This is something we all experience on some level, and cleaning can be seen as a very demanding and time-consuming chore. When you outsource your cleaning to a professional cleaner, who has the necessary experience and knowledge to get the job done, you are taking some control back of your time. 

a service that's about you

cleaning on demand

Our online booking system will take care of your upcoming recurring bookings automatically.

Once you you have completed your booking, we will take care of the rest!

A clean space leads to a productive environment

feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your domestic or commercial cleaning requirements

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